Off periods

When I was initially prescribed Madopar (and Selegilin) I was told to take with or after food. “With food” certainly didn’t work. For a year or so I took meds after meals. At this time I wasn’t displaying many symptoms but could not walk more than a few hundred yards without my toes curling under making walking impossible.

I decided to try taking meds half an hour before breakfast to see if it would work more quickly enabling me to walk earlier. While the meds worked more quickly they also knocked me out – but I stuck with it for a while.

Months later I decided to switch back to ‘meds straight after breakfast’ and was shocked by how much my symptoms had advanced during the ‘off period’ which I experienced while I prepared breakfast.

Currently I am preparing and eating breakfast (and going up and down stairs – cleaning my teeth etc) before meds. I have to concentrate on walking and be very careful to avoid losing my balance. I suppose, before long, I may well deteriorate further and have to wait until meds are working before attempting to walk. Does anyone move around much during morning off periods?

First thing in the morning, a good 15 hours since i took any medication, is when i move the best. This morning i washed up, hoovered the lounge and kitchen, showered, dressed and went on a 2 mile walk. All before 1:30pm and no medication. I then sat on front of the tv for half an hour and my mood dropped and i was stumbling when walking. I dont understand it all in the slightest