Off time in Parkinson’s

I’m suffering from terrible off periods between medication doses, the main subject I will address when I see my Neurologist next week. Meantime, I found this video about ‘off time’. It’s answered many questions I had. Well worth a watch. Hope you find it useful.

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Hi Dusty 68 Many thanks for telling/posting this link about Off time I have had PD for 14 years and I was having a few problems with my meds. I had to keep a diary for 2 weeks and then send it to my Neurologist and PD nurse, they could not come up with an answer and as they could not up my meds anymore, it was put on the back burner (so to speak) but this like you say answer’s many questions, again a BIG THANYOU for your post,

You’re welcome :grin:

If you are one one of the various levadopa/carbidopa blends, you might want to try adding entacapone into the mix. There is a combo drug that does exactly that and it is called either stalevo or sastravi