Off to the frozen arctic


I don't know if I've done the right thing but I am booked to go on a weeks break to Finnish Lapland in February, going on reindeer drawn sleigh rides, dog-sled safaris and skidoo tours. Not sure how my PD is going to react to temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius. I suppose there is only one way too find out. Don't think, just do it. Anyone else have experience of extreme low temperatures? Any advice? 


Go for it Christo. I did the exact same thing a couple of years back and it was one of the best holidays ever. The best advice is plenty of layers, plenty of food intake and you should be fine, even below the minus 15 mark. We went with Activities Abroad and the staff on the ground were very patient and did everything they could to help you - eg helping to put on your snow shoes when it's minus 25 etc. Hope you enjoy it. 

All good things




Thanks Starsky. There are four of us going so there will be plenty of help when I need it. I have made sure I have adequate travel insurance and an EU health card, should I need medical treatment.


Tee hee, I first read that as "mental" treatment, which I guess was the first thing that came to mind, because I don't do well in the cold....

Good luck, keep safe and have fun!


Hi, Christo --

I did something similar last winter, though not nearly so cold, as it turned out.  I took a tour of Yellowstone in January.  We expected much lower temperatures than we actually experienced.  Sometimes the cold gave me a tremor, but not always.  Layering is the key to warmth, as Starsky said above.  Snowshoeing for hours over hills in falling snow was the highlight of the trip for me! 

Have a great time!     J


Hello Christo. You might get lucky and see the Aurora Borealis , a truly amazing sight I have seen twice both times when shifting snow in the early hours in  Northumberland  with a very large Loader,one morning just as the sun was about to break cover two Meteorites incinerated themselves in the upper atmosphere,I wonder how many trillions of miles the two rocky companions travelled before they met their fiery end. Enjoy your time in the wonderous land . you will see billions of stars it tends to make you feel very humble and privileged that we are the only life or advanced intelligent life that we know of in that vast void of the universe.