Office/computer chairs


Does anybody have any advice please on comfortable office/computer chairs - I am finding my office chair increasingly uncomfortable mainly due to my aches and pains.  I work three mornings a week and am at my computer for most of this.  My chair is high-backed with arms but just does not feel right. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank you!


I think they can organise a workplace assessment.


On the website  there is a live chat option, and they will give you details of who to contact in your area. 


Thank you!


Hi doglover  just wondering if you have had any luck with assessment for office chair? 



Good morning Bethankit - no, we haven't done anything about it yet and I really must as I do feel uncomfortable.  I work in my husband's family business in north London and he is therefore my boss (!) - his suggestion is that we go to a suitable shop, showroom etc to let me try out a few chairs, but I do think an initial in-situ assessment might be the answer.  We are off on holiday next week (Scotland!) so will leave it until we are back.  Thank you for asking.  Hope all is well with you.


Hi, hope you have a good time in my Scotland, where are you going? 

I am fairly well and currently vsiting family in England.  

Take care 


Morning Bethankit

We stay near Kelso once a year - our neighbour originates from Edinburgh and she and her husband have always kept a home close to the borders.  Beautiful spot and we love it - a real rest.

Hope you are in a nice part of England - mind you, what awful weather!  Haven't the seasons shifted?! 

Take care



We were in Upwell, very flat as its in the fens. Very different scenery to Scotland, but still nice. Kelso is a part of Scotland that I'm not  too familiar with but hope you  enjoy. 

The weather was grim, very wet but still warmer than Aberdeen. Yes the seasons have certainly changed.

Have a safe and restful trip.

Take care x 


Hi Bethankit - weather was cold, wet and miserable, but it was a break and that was the main thing.  Problem is that, once you stop, you want to sleep all the time!  I also found that I was constantly knocking into furniture despite knowing it was there - came home with black and blue knees and shins!

Hope all's well with you



A 'kneeling' chair can be good - best, but expensive,  are Varier Balans, lots of cheaper versions available.


Hi doglover

As you it  was a break, pity about  the weather  but sleep that is good big grin

Hope you got some Arnica on the knees and shins, bruised limbs not pretty. 

All well here on count down to retirement.  big grin


How I envy you retiring!!  It's not that I am the sort of person to lounge in bed - just not like that - but the thought of not actually having to get up and go to work is so wonderful!  And I only work three mornings a week but it's the having to do it that makes it so tiring.

Must get some Arnica - it hadn't crossed my mind and you're right that the bruises look ugly!!

Our weather is improving in London - hope it's better with you



Morning Bethankit - just to let you know I have finally got round to arranging for a representative of Posturite to come in and assess my workplace/chair etc.  He is coming in on 15 September, so fingers crossed he can help.

Hope all's well with you and thank you again for the tip!


Happy to have been of help. 

I'm  good thanks.