Oh bad guts

for the past 4 days i have suffered with the trots feel like my system has been flushed of my pd meds feel shaky,unbalanced has anyone else found this?
Hi bodget.
What meds are you on? I had to come off Entacapone because it was giving me terrible diarrhoea. It certainly left me feeling shaky and I lost about a stone in weight. I think it's a fairly common side effect with that drug.
You guys are soooo lucky:exclamation:

What I wouldn't give for a dose of the trots 3----

I've only been egg bound with bouts of jaggy plops 3****

Between my Duke of Argyls and my coccyx my bot is a right old state of affairs.

I'm also on Entacapone, prunes and out of date dairy foods.
ECK you do make me laugh....serious now try Kiwi fruit first thing in the morning followed with strong black coffee......it works for me.

BOD....I think a visit to GP would be best for you.

Radz x
i suffer with ibs,but i have found eatin weetbix is good for u im told by the consultant cus of the fibre in them ,helps the digestive system x:smile:
Hi, Hubby had to come off Entacapone as had dramatic effect. Took nearly 5 days of no food to get him sorted.Came off Pramapexole due to OCD, now on Bromocriptine watch this space (???)