Ok so sorta old news!

I am not new some people know me some don't I been dx for 6 yrs an been here for a while ! but I have changed in that time and the roller coaster continues !! I was on DA's big time and had the usual side effects! but my creative writing was better than now lol.

I am 56 yrs this week and still going i am happy about that but sad for my nearest and dearest my highs and lows affect them, I wish they didn't.

To my friends here I am sorry I've been distant I had a bad year ! The love of my life was dx with MS in jan we now see same neuro lol i remember when we used to go on real dates! I had a heart attack in May which knocked me down awhile.

Had various associated bad luck lol ; they thought I had oral cancer (not phew) I am going deaf !! PD related thanks so much! my eyesight similarly and crappy year worsened PD symptoms generally - meds increase naturally and, it looks like my employers will retire me - oh well.

It's been a bad year lol !! but I retain my sense of humour and my family and friends - therefore I know whatever happens I will be ok; there is more but you don't need the detail but to Bogman and Lin I apologise for my lack of contact . To everyone else smile while we can!! 


Hell.....and I thought I'd got the short straw.

"A good laugh overcomes more difficulties and dissipates more dark clouds than any other one thing." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Keep smiling BJS, no matter what, the alternative is very unattractive and makes your hanky soggy.


Hi BJS  I think You Are Great!n  ME.  I have had Pd for nigh on 40 years!  I inherited It from my Grandma. I am told this type of PD is quite rare but certainly possible. But it isa stil nom easy ride. However i can still have a lug and a joke despite everything I have  been through.  I won't  bore you wiyh the details and  what is past is past, and it stays  there!  Keep smiling BJS  I m a fan of your poetry,and I always imagined you to  be a lot younger. Enjoy life!  There is still plenty oft things you can do.  Love BA x

thank you both for the encouragement and kind words Orpheus love the picture and your so right about thr soggy hanky thing! BA thank you for the your kindness.

In times of stress,

Some people are less,

Than what they'd like to be,

But us PD's

Aren't on our knees,

The evidence is here to see.


Good on yer BJS, it is becoming obvious to me we belong to very brave and supportive group of people.