Omega 3 capsules

Hi - I'm a complete newbie at this, I've read lots of Forum posts, but this is the first time I've ever written anything.

I was diagnosed about two years ago, and am currently taking Madopar 125 three times daily, and 2mg Trihexiphenidyl twice a day. I was watching a promotional video from an American neurologist who said that taking Omega 3 capsules would help considerably. Has anyone else heard of this - does it make sense? 


Hi 1RTR.

Welcome to the world of forum posting!

I hadn't heard anything about Omega 3 being good for PD, but I've just Googled it and there doesn't seem to be anything conclusive  -  just the usual "MAY be beneficial....." etc.  It seems to be really just part of what they're always telling us about how important it is to eat a "nutritionally balanced diet", which apparently is important for everyone, PD or not. doesn't look as though Omega 3 supplements are going to be the answer to all our prayers, unfortunately!

Having said that, I suppose there's no harm in giving them a try.....

Kathy  smile

I take one Omega 3 Capsule (1000mg) per day, I take it because it helps to avoid pain/stiffness in joints, especially first thing. Not sure if it is so important now, have been taking the capsules for approx 6 years. Found them helpful then maybe not needed now?? 


Chris Ray