Omeprazole and other meds

 Hi I've been taking omeprazole, with stalevo,madopar dispersible, and co-beneldopa control release. My G.P. Gave me the omeprazole, and never gave me a time to take it. I have often taken it at the same time as the levodopa providing medications and i think that is so wrong! I now understand the omeprazole stops the other drugs working propoerly? Any thoughts please?? 

Why not ask your GP why he prescribed Omeprazole? Did you complain of stomach upset, gastric reflux or  similar?  It is a drug  that protects(heals lesions in the stomach (often caused by drugs that  irriitate  the stomach lining ) Thish could lead to ulcers and bleeding .. It is generally given for a certain period, typically 2 -3 months.. it is not without its serious side effects, especially with long term use. It does not stop other drugs from working as far as I know, take it with food and a glass of water, see leaflet.

OH was given omeprazole because he was having trouble swallowing food. It got stuck in his throat and also if it did go down, it was very uncomfortable making him cough and choke a lot. The Speech therapist said his problem was acid reflux, which did sound like his symptoms.  He was not told to take it for a specific time.  He takes it an hour before food in the morning as he takes other medication with the food.  It seemed to do good at first but now we are not so sure.