On behalf of flo

Any good flo?
Sorry no ab. And another thing, if I click on a heading it shows all the topics. On the right hand side under your name there is a little box. I am sure that I used to click on this and it would take me to the latest comments. Now it just gives me a little box in the top left corner. The rest of the page is blank, as with New Topic.
Thank goodness for this solution ab. flo
hello again flo, as I said , I am no expert, but I find that if I click on "latest activity" (top left of Welome To Forum Page) it will show the latest (last 12 hours I think) postings in all topics.
But it is a bit hit & miss. A lot of us are getting booted off & a bit frustrated. Something to do with time out, which I do not understand. Where are the computer boffins when you need them? Keep trying! Take care