On line survey on Swallowing difficulties when admitted to hospital

As an PUK RSN member I have got involved with a study into swallowing difficulties and how people with them are supported when hospitalised. I have been on the Study Advisory Group and have helped them with the development of their work.

The study is being carried out by NCEPOD ( The National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death) and is to explore the quality of care received by people who experience eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties, and who also have Parkinson’s Disease, when admitted to hospital. They will produce a report for clinicians and other healthcare staff about how to improve the care they deliver and guidance for patients and families on the care you should expect to receive.

They need to collect Information from across the whole of the UK, and as part of this project they are asking for the views of patients’ and their carers, as it’s you who really know how services could be improved to help you and other people with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

The results of this survey will feed into the final report, which will be available to download from the NCEPOD website: https://www.ncepod.org.uk/
Who should complete this survey?
If you or a relative/somebody you care for has Parkinson’s and has experienced eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties whilst admitted to hospital.

Please complete the online survey about swallowing difficulties and how care was when the person with Parkinson’s was in hospital - either in connection with swallowing issues or for other conditions/

The https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NCEPOD_Dysphagia_Survey