On my own and a bit baffled by forum how d'u does

Did a bit about me yesterday don't know where it s now.  Perhaps you can find it. Thing is eyes and I are rather old and tired.  Looking now for a photo and a way to  to up load it..

Keep watching.


Hi scribbler, 

i found your piece about you.  So sorry to hear about your wife, it must be hard.

i know how you feel sitting thinking what to do, in your mind, you know what you want to do I.e cut the grass, but the mind drifts through several tasks whilst actually doing nothing.  Im sure you'll find lots of friends on here.   

Take care



Hi there Scribbler

Sorry to hear about your mrs it must be hard not being able to get out n about n no company,

I would be lost without mine , welcome to the forum by the way and I hope you find it as much help as I have there's a mixed bunch on here and thay are mostly house trainde n good company , you'll find plenty of folk who will listen n help if thay can . 

Hope things get easier for you soon take care,

       Live well    Cc

I just did a couple of short sentences now they've vanished into the ether. Hence: if at first... 

You've stunned me with a response.  I'm quite taken aback. You'll notice I try to be clever but often I embarrass myself, slam the lid down and run outside to hide.  My wife is the clever one... I miss having her around but the good news is that  she's doing her own breathing now.



Thanks for the supportive words.

The village pub , not far away, has a Bengal cat .Said to be worth a few bob.  I envy its whiskers and admire its sleek stripy fur.  The ladies love him.

Got to get my own dinner today so mustn't procrastinate here: mustn't pussy foot around...



Hi Scribbler

Great to hear your wife is doing better n you sound much more positive ,

Good to see your local is close by n has really good taste in pets :-))

hope things with you n your good lady continue to Improve n hope to see more of you both on here in the near future.

Take care n live well.  Cc