? On parkinsons

Hi I'm new to.this 13 months ago.got.dignosed with fibromyalgia. I'd did noticed before that dignoses I was getting hand tremors but.only. now. And. Then . But the recent 5 months I've had.them more.often and also.get a.lot.of.tremors in my.head.legs. I've also noticed writing. Is becoming a problem and remembering how to write certain letters has become.a struggle.. also memory is rubbish and what I want to.say comes.out.as.somthing.else or I. Can't. Even remember what I want. To.say I've also noticed a.change. in speach at times . And struggling to get up from.the chair.. I'm also.getting.a.lot.of.probelms.withy.eye. sight. They've been rather blurry when in don't havey.glases.on which they was.never.like. that before.but. They get.blurry. withy.glases.on too . I also.have a lot.of.trouble.sleeping. And. Staying asleep ams have a lot.of.confusion and.memory .problems that have got.worse. in. The last.few months . I've also.had a dignoses of.restless leg syndrome . But my new symptoms I was concerned.about. So. I went.to.see.my.GP.who.also.said.I have some.concerning. symptoms. As I have a family member. With parkinsons. He's. Refred me to a Nerourlogistis which I'm. Seeing. End. Of.septomener. as you.can imagine. I am quite concerned. And would.like.to.kow what other. Pepoles symptoms. We're before. Dignoses. Was.they any. Of what I've exspericene and how.did.you.feel.about.them . As.I find. Life. Very hard and it's so.hard to.explain to.your family. How you.feel.and why your.Like.it. Maybe if. I had a dignoses I'd be able. Toake.them.see.sense of.why .like.I. am . So.can anyone give me.some.advice. on there symptoms. Before being. Dignosed. . Thank you.x

Hi Tinkerbell34, 

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It's absolutely understandable you're concerned.

There's some information about symptoms of Parkinson's right here: http://bit.ly/1uTo476 It is important to remember though that symptoms do vary from person to person.

If you would like to get in touch with our Helpline team (which includes Parkinson's nurses), please feel free to do so on 0808 800 0303.

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Thank you x