Once upon a pill

Traditional medicine has no explanation for the reason why anti Parkinson's medications becomes erratic in its performance with time and doesn't offer a solution either. The book I recommend to read is based on observation and compilation of information from PD patients. It proposes a theory, giving an insight on how the meds work and how to make the most of them, always supported by your doctor. It is a free downloadable book.

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I read a few pages from this book and from the other they mention on their website... and I'm both interested and puzzled. Appologies if not having read the whole thing gave me a wrong idea, but what I understood is that they articulate pretty strong hypotheses about PD meds (not of all them good for those of us taking them) and claim they have been able to cure folks with PD by using acupuncture & massage techniques.

This is both interesting and puzzling to me. Interesting for the obvious "cure" angle. Puzzling, because someone I know who does acupuncture asked her acupuncture doctor if she could do something for PD and her doctor said something like "yes, but only to relieve some superficial symptoms".

So, do you (or anyone else) have any insight on how credible their claims to have cured people with PD really are? Have you tried it? Any good results?

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We are having a go at this. You will understand it better if you read th whole (690 pages:fearful:!! ) of Trouble Afoot. Apparently for most PDers it is a very hard path. the full recovery rate is very low but I believe there are some cases, They now only recommend this to people who haven't taken the meds longer than 3 weeks because of problems with coming off them . We have been doing it since Christmas and the only small sign of any recovery is an improvement in my husbands sense of smell. What's to lose though?? there is a man on the web, Howard Schifke, who has recovered using their methods and lots of Qi Gong. Up for conversation/ heated debate on this subject if you are.
You can see a video of Howard on this youtube video
Parkinson's Chanting for Vibrating the Brain

Need anyone say more.
He may espouse strange and questionable techniques and come across as weird but if you read his blog he did have parkinsons and his neurologist told him he was symptom free 20 months ago and still is. If it doesn't work for us then OK we can take the medication route but hey! why not give it a go I say.
I admit to being a bit facetious.
one thing is that he doesn't seem to me to be completely free of symptoms- look at the slightly rigid expression on his face, the rolling motion of his fingers and a twitchy pinky.
doing all those stretches are probably very good for helping rigidity. relaxation through humming etc may well help too. however, it is a relatively short time since dx, and he may have some success with the symptoms, but if he had pd he still has it and it is still progressing. so it may well be worthwhile but i doubt his claim to have a cure. time will tell.
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My husband said similar 'He doesn't look like a well man to me'. I think perhaps he took the videos before he was symptom free, he started the blog before anyway. Honestly tho you may not believe it I am quite a skeptical person and think time will tell also... I just hope it says yes. Clutching at straws might keep us up if we can grab enough at once.
we all clutch at one straw or another.
perhaps we should all leave each other's straws intact unless they are actually harmful?
I agree with that. And how can I know much about other peoples straws if I haven't tested them. Nice talking to you.