One fall too many

Since last visiting his consultant when his medication was changed my Dad has been falling over.... About a month ago there was a number of falls over one weekend, which eventually resorted in my Dad spending 4 nights in hospital. The falls seemed to be happening because my Dad could not keep his eyes open and stay away - he would fall asleppy making toast in the kitchen which would cause him to fall... (I don't live with my parents so don't know all the drug names) In hospital they slightly reduced the dosage of one of the drugs to make him less sleepy which seemed to work. However, my Dad fell again last night and I know it gets stressful at home for everyone. Although my Mum can help lift my dad out of a chair she doesn't have the strength to lift him from the floor - my dad didn't have any strength so in the end she had to call some friends to come and help lift him off the floor.

My Dad just seems to have no quality of life at the moment - he is still now falling asleep a lot - he will quite often dose off whilst he is eating dinner. Also, his consultant stopped one of his tablets so he seems to be shaking a lot more now and also seems to be a lot weaker and experience a lot more freezing.

His current consultant is know as 'Mr Marmite' people either love or hate him. Not to judge but he is quite an elderly man and I can't help but be concerned that he isn't' keeping fully up to date with the latest drugs and treatments. Through his GP my Dad has requested to see another consultant for a 2nd opinion - this was on Feb 25h and we are still waiting for an appointment!! Does anyone know if its any quicker to go private? Or if the parkinson's nurse can help? The services in my parents area are not very forth coming - I can only assume because they are so stretched?

Today my Mum has phoned me in tears as she doesn't know what to do. mY dad is telling her he doesn't know how he can carry on as he has no quality of life and it breaks me and my Mum's heart to know that every little thing he does is a constant struggle for him :(

It is my dad's 70th birthday in 3 weeks and we want nothing more than for him to be back to normal so he can enjoy his day. I know that PD is a degenerative and progressive disease but my Dad's condition and quality of life has taken a dramatic turn for the worst which is so upsetting for everyone.


Sorry to hear how much your dad's quality of life has been reduced recently. Would it be possible to ask which consultant your GP has referred him to and telephone the secretary yourself? I have found that this can often speed things up considerably. Unfortunately, in my experience, you can't rely on the NHS to do things quickly and you need to push, push, push to get anywhere. Good luck. xxx

Hiya im ali been dx12 years im sorry your dad is struggling and you and your mum are very concerned for his health.i had to have 2 opions for dx. Lot people do.i belive it depends in which county your in now a days with gps.i seem to be fairly lucky get seen quite quick. Im in best to have a pd nurse to talk to things move along quicker.your gp or neuro can put you on to one.or if you contact puk helpline number top of this page they will help you out,find were nearest pd nursebis in your area.:smile:i think this betet first before thinking of cost of goin private.i wish you look please keep usbinformed and hopefully your dad will have a lovley 70th birthday:smile:

Thank you for your replies....

apparently the GP has done at open referral which means that the consultants sit down and between them decide who my Dad should be referred to (which doesn't rule out the fact that he might get referred to his existing consultant!) They are still waiting for this meeting to happen but once we know who the consultant is, its a good tip to ring the secretary.
I just find the NHS so frustratingly slow at times!

Guess we just need to remain positive in the time being and I have told my Mum that she must ring the Parkinson's nurse - at least just so that she knows what is going on.

Thank you for your support everyone xx