One Meal A Day

For many years, I have been trying lose weight and failing miserably. There is a great deal of disinformation. A few months ago, I found out about ketogenic diets and fasting.

After a lot of experimentation reducing carbohydrate input and varying mealtimes, I decided to try One Meal A Day (OMAD). I prepare my meals from basic ingredients, I avoid and starchy foods or sugar. I eat my meal at 11.00 am and do not eat anything until the same time the following day. I drink black coffee.

I am now within 4 kilos of my ideal weight. I do not suffer from cravings - I can walk passed a plate of cakes or biscuits and not be tempted in the slightest, a glorious freedom. I may sometimes feel a bit hungry, but I just ignore it because I am in control, not my cravings.

If I want a beer one evening, I’ll have one. If I want a pizza one evening, I’ll eat one. If I am out with friends, I’ll eat whatever they are eating. But the following day, I shall go back to eating one meal per day.

I am newbie here. I don’t know much about weight loss. But I have heard a little about few supplements which helps to decrease weight. Did you try them?

Hi Garfield
I’m Tommy welcome to the forum I’m afraid I’m no expert on anything to do with weight loss or Parkinsons for that matter as I only have symptoms but no definite diagnosis yet . But don’t give up posting your questions because there will be someone who can provide you with the information you need and if not then try the helpline or your PD nurse if you have one.
Also keep playing on the social club as it helps with insomnia or even just boredom , whatever you need.
Best of luck Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

okey! Thanks!

A large number of epidemiological studies report an inverse, dose-responsive relationship between coffee/caffeine consumption and the risk of developing PD. Coffee consumption appears to reduce or delay the development of PD and caffeine is most likely the causal factor. In women, however, the interaction between caffeine and hormonal therapy still needs further clarification.Also need to use quality coffee maker for safety.

Hey Weldon my mum with other health issues she also takes steroids has. Been doing it two years she does it for health now how ever is stil losing when I tried it i noticed more energy i just can’t stockist it sorry stick at it

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