Ongoing Pain

Morning all, I have not been a regular for some time now, due to life getting in the way. Unfortunately I recently have had a problem with my femoral nerve in my left leg. Which has incapacitated me completely. I can honestly say the pain was excruciating to the point I could not talk or move. On saying that things after 3 months are improving slowly.
I have had ongoing pain issues mainly on my left side for years. ( diagnosed 13yrs ago. However have been told Pain is not a common symptom of Parkinson’s!
I was just wondering how many of us have pain that we didn’t have before Parkinsons ( our unwanted guest ) appeared ?

Hi Esme, your description rings a bell. Six months ago I started to have alternating intense pain and numbness in my left leg. I assumed sciatica (I’ve had it before in my right side), spoke to a physio who agreed on the probable diagnosis and she gave me some exercises. They made no difference but I have noticed that the pain/numbness is less after my sinemet doses. Is it part of parky or is that wishful thinking? I don’t know. Pain may not be a common symptom (I wasn’t aware of that) but it seems to respond to levodopa, for me at least. We shall see how things change over time. NeilT

Hi NeilT
My doctor referred me to the hospital and they said it was sciatica, gave me some exercises and no improvement. Went to a private Physio and he said straight away it wasn’t Sciatica but the femoral nerve . Said it could take months to improve.
At present I am generally mobile, but if I over do it, pay for it next day!
I believe this is down to postural issues due to Parkinsons.
I used to go to Pilates, and in hindsight knew then there was a problem with my left leg. Unfortunately the lady stopped her classes, and I did not look for another. Think it’s time I did start again…Slowly!!

You have my sympathies. Speaking to others, I think the best approach is, until you know that it is PD (e.g it responds to dopamine) treat it as unrelated. Maybe find another pilates class and meanwhile work on your posture? Hope you find a solution. Neil

My main Parkinson’s symptom is PAIN. It started in my lower back around the time I was diagnosed 3 years ago, then it spread to my groin and now my thigh where I also have a tremor.
I’ve had acupuncture, seen numerous osteopaths and chiropractors, had massages, yoga lessons, NHS physio all to no avail, I am now trying different pain killers and muscle relaxers.
My pain does usually respond to the Sinemet but not always.
I’ve recently changed my neurologist as the previous one didn’t believe in Parkinson’s pain. I haven’t met my new one yet but I know he certainly does believe in PD and pain.

Hi everyone, My husband is 3 years diagnosed - 77yo now - and pain is his biggest problem and it is BIG. Stomach / digestive system and back pain (mostly upper back). Means he can’t sleep either. So it is VERY real.