Online web site to find carers

Hi, my Dad had Parkinson's for a very long time, though the past five years things rapidly deteriorated and he also had Dementia the last couple of years. My Mum was a rock and looked after him at home for as long as she could, having carers come in to help in the morning and in the evening. I have come across this new web site that links carers and those needing care and thought I would let others know who may need a little help. The site is called and well worth taking a



Do you have any personal or financial connection, in promoting this website?

Just interested and to be reassured that this is a genuine link for vulnerable folk.


I am only trying to help, not take advantage of vulnerable folk.

My Dad died end of March this year with Parkinson's and dementia. I really miss him so much. Miss not being able to see him, talk with him, touch him and be with him. I am now looking after Mum and helping her just like I promised Dad I would.

My parents had been married for 53 years and it was very hard to see Mum being the carer and we really appreciated the carer's who came in in the morning and evenings to help Mum. Staying in touch with Parkinson's UK helps me feel I am giving something back as they really helped us all, from the moment Dad was diagnosed to the end when we wanted to donate Dad's brain to help others.

My Mum feels the same as is still part of her Parkinson's group helping others.