Opicaphone v Entacapone

Hi am just asking ass a hole how many people have taken these add on drugs, and to see who felt better on Entacapone or opicaphone

I took entacapone initially because I was getting wearing off between sinemet doses but it didn’t make any difference so I switched to opicapone which I’m still taking and does shorten the off times between sinemet tablets.

Thanks for your reply :+1: going back on Entacapone and Sinemet cr tonight will see if there’s any change next couple of weeks. Will let you know cheers

Hi Gus
My husband entacapone for five months and then developed severe diarrhoea which unfortunately can be a side effect of Entacapone in some people.
He hasbeen taking Opicatone since October and so far all ok. A plus withEntacapone is you only take it once day rather than Entacapone four times a day

There is a combined drug called Stalevo (or Sastravi). It contains levodopa, carbidopa and entacapone BNF is only available in the UK | NICE I have been on it for 12 years.

Why was you put on this medication ie do you take Sinemet with or with out can you take Sinemet cr and what’s the benefits taking these and not taking opicaphone. :thinking: thanks for reply

Stalevo can you get compulsive order with these tablets

Dopamine agonists are the usual suspects for obsessive behaviour. None of the contents are dopamine agonists.

I was put on this medication to ensure the longest effect of it.

S0 would you say how much longer ON time you get, say i took 62.5mg Sinemet or 125mg how long do you get and have i got to take every 4hrs Or do you just take stalevo and how many .Also do you get dyskinesa with it I’m not to sure how you take it :thinking:

Hi Gus, I’ve had some wearing off issues (I’m taking Sinemet Plus, 5x daily, plus Sinemet CR at night). At my last appointment with the Parkinson’s nurse, they recommended the addition of Entacapone. The first day, the results were dramatic - no ‘off’ times and feeling generally much better. However, the next day wasn’t so good and it was back to wearing off etc. I’ve stuck with it for about three months or so now as I was told things might improve with time. I’m getting fed up with it now though, so I have decided to call the hospital. Opicapone was mentioned at my last appointment but we’ll see what they suggest. On the plus side, I had no major side effects with Entacapone apart from a bit of a dry mouth and orange urine, which I think I can live with.

I’m finding that the opicaphone is working well for me. Plus side 1 tablet aday, no dyskinesa and no more orange wee all good i did try going back to Entacapone but i was moving around so went back to opicaphone ok now :+1: