Opicapone availability

has anyone been affected by the non availability of opicapone ? i have been taking this drug, 1xdaily for about 15 months, it was good for me, seemed to do the things it was supposed to (mop up and utilise dopamine etc) and for me didnt have any bad side affects. Then before christmas the pharmacist told me they couldnt get the drug from any of their suppliers, had contacted everyone and were convinced no opicapone was available. They had spoke to my GP, but the GP wouldnt prescribe an alternative before speaking to my consultant who they couldnt locate. Eventually after a 3 day wait they prescribed the alternative, Entacapone, unfortunatly this has a side affect of diahorrea in my case, the opicapone shortage continues until the end of January, but the affects for me are like i was years ago, Freezing up, loss of balance,coordination problems,and on and on.

Yes, very difficult to obtain Opicapone , not available through my local surgery. I now collect a prescription from my GP, and Boots the chemist order it for me. I think it’s a cross-county thing.

I’ve been told that the manufacturer is having difficulty sourcing all the ingredients. No new prescriptions are being issued.