Hi all really interested in any more experience of opicapone. Just been prescribed as encaptapone gave me blood issues with my liver. Once I stopped taking them bloods returned to normal. I’ve been taking them a month and a half and found the following issues.
Urination at night just after taking may be 4 to 5 times
Weight loss not substantial
Off period more severe suffer mainly with gait problems and freezing
Insomnia worse but no hallucinations leaves me really tired next day
Read somewhere opicapone takes 3 months to be effective
Also take ropinirole 6mg. Selegiline 5mg and 200 mg madopar x3 each day

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Baz has been offered opicapone but we are going to Spain for 3 months so will wait till we ghettos back. You’ve alarmed me by saying you always have to be doing something. Baz is like that now so what will he be like on the new drug?!