Opinionated teens required

We have updated our information booklet aimed at explaining Parkinson's to teenagers who have a close family member with the condition.

Our Resources team are now looking for young people with experience of Parkinson's to tell us what they think of the new booklet.

If you can help please email Christine at [email protected].

Ezinder were can I get one of those booklets

I was dx. On nov 21st 2011 and got bells palsey on 5th April 2012. Today is the first day that I've hard hardly any pain..i normally feel like I have the worse hangover and that I'm walking down two lines of people each with a different weapon to hit me and stab and electric shock me in different areas and this line has no end.

Anyhow I've a 14 year old girl. In a wheelchair with diabetes and cerebral palsey( I've been in pain over the years but because my daughter is like this I've just got on with lifting her) she and my wife just say grow a pair if I have a slight moan. And say I've changed.ive been to counselling which was aMaturish. .thay asked me how I would like to die .i called an end to that.my family ad friends don't relise about the world that I live inside.
Thanks again robert

Hi Christine
I was diagnosed in January one of the hardest things was telling my sons. 23 & 15

I'd be interested in seeing this booklet as would my son
Problem, with teenagers is that google is taken at face value and there is some. Rubbish on there
any authentic source of information is welcome

Hi potter64130,

Sorry for the delay in answering your question. You can find the current booklet at: http://bit.ly/ZJGbu0