Optical Hypertension/possible glaucoma

Good morning
I was diagnosed in 2011 and have taken sinemet since 2012. During my recent eye test, I was found to have optical hypertension and glaucoma was suggested, but the optician wants to do further tests.
I’ve been reading up, and apparently levodopa is not suitable if you have glaucoma. Has anyone experienced this? I’m beginning to panic as I’m not sure what the alternative option would be for my pd.
I’d be grateful to hear anyones experience and advice.
Thank you

Hello Alli_p

I was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2000 and something, then PD in 2010. There are different sorts of glaucoma, I now use duotrav and azopt eye drops, and I take sinemet plus for Parkinsons. There is wide angle and narrow angle glaucoma, if you know which of those you have , then phone the helpline (or your own Parkinsons nurse) and ask them if levodopa is safe for you. Best of luck.

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