Optician visits/ double vision

Good evening, I’ve just had a stressful visit to the opticians with my husband who has PD. They were unable to carry out the eye tests as his tremor meant he couldn’t sit in the chair and position himself properly, so was unable to have the eye test done. I only booked it as he has been saying he has double vision. Is this something that can happen with Parkinson’s? He didn’t really need the full eye test as he only went last February but I’m not sure if he had double vision then. They have booked another appointment at an earlier time when his drugs should be at optimal level but can never say for sure when he’s going to be having a ‘good day’. He’s told me to cancel it but I’m concerned as to why he is experiencing double vision? Hoping to hear from anyone who has had experience of this issue. Many thanks. Jean

Hello Jean
I am sorry to hear about your husband. It is one of the symptoms of PD but not well known.
I have suffered with blurred vision from 2017 and double vision for the last 3 years.
It suddenly happened in 2020.
I thought it was Covid related, then I was misdiagnosed with myasthenia gravies but later diagnosed with PD in 2022. I mainly suffer with an internal tremor.
My double vision is worse when tired, or reading or driving.
The double vision fluctuates so prescription prism glasses aren’t really helpful as they can be really expensive.
I tend to have a sleep when my double vision is bad. I also feel that the muscles around the eyes tremor as well. Is this the case with your husband?
I suffer daily from double vision and the best medicine has been rest and sleep and PD medication. I spent a lot of money on prism glasses and they are useless as the degree of double vision can vary. I hope this helps.
Bottom line for me is that I cope with the double vision and avoid doing things when tired.
Happy to discuss with you and your husband.
Best wishes

Hi jean1

I had a very bad experience with an Optician booked an appointment on line with them turned up on time they were very busy that day. When called in the young assistant asked if I had a problem as I shake quite a bit.
She went on to check and photo the back of my eyes as they do only to be asked to stop shaking. I explained I had PD only to be asked what it was as she had never heard of Parkinson. She went away to get a more experienced operative who said can I hold my breath or try to sit still. Having explained I had no control over my shaking she said they were unable to carry out my eye test.
I then went to another optician and. They carried out the eye test without any problem and I only told them about my experience after my test. I will never go to ( should have gone to??.) is there logo.

Hi Davesnan, that sounds like a truly awful experience for you!. You certainly had room flto make a complaint there. But I’m glad you went elsewhere and they had patience and understanding and you were able to have your eye test. I’m speaking to our PD nurse tomorrow to see what she thinks about the double vision he’s experiencing. I’ve booked him in with another optician after we’ve spoken to her so fingers crossed he’ll get through the test without too many problems. Thank you for your reply. Best wishes, Jean