Orthostatic Hypertension & PD


My wife is suffering after 16 years PD diagnosis with a 50 point drop in her blood pressure causing her  the inability to walk unaided and unable to get up from a low blood pressure related (almost like a faint) fall.

My problem is that Neurologists  give medicines that keep fluid retention in her body and 1 gram salt tablets & general salt increases in food intake .

The fact that she also has severe osteoporosis means that while salt may be good to raise BP( her's is fairly normal now) it can be deathly to bone health and actually dry out bone, she has broken many bones from PD falling & severe Osteo P ,truly a bad combination  but not in the last 6 years .

So our problem is that Neurologists like salt intake and Orthopedic Drs. loathe it for bone health.

Anyone have the same low blood pressure problem related to PD and what may be your treatment(s).

I have a zillion tricks to help PD patient's from 16 years learning and writing notes in PD support groups at several hospitals here in New York City ,but little help or info on low Blood pressures PD related.

Thanks for any advice,


Mike of NYC


I did wish to say "truly a bad combination but no broken bones in the last 6 years".



Should read hypotension...it's been a long day!





Have low blood pressure that drops further as I stand, so I have to be careful or I blackout. Not sure if it has anything to do with my other problems, my son seems to have the same problem. It means I have been unable to have certain meds in case they bring blood pressure down further, but apart from that the drs seem unconcerned and I have learn not to rush from standstill. I think they only worry when blood pressure is high, unless you are in hospital for treatment.

I hope you and your wife are as ok as can be in the circumstances. You must be very happy to have her back home.

All the best



Hello Porthos,

I am happy to have my wife back home ,we have for the next several weeks time ,the Visiting Nurse service providing support with physical therapy at home, the goal is that she actually has to relearn to walk even when her blood pressure drops usually with an aide. She has been trained in falling correctly when a PD related fall happens, that is falling into a squat. A drop of 50 points in blood pressure suddenly w/o warning is what caused her to be in hospital, as well with that large drop in BP she was unable to pick herself up.

In any event this is a new week ,with a heatwave arriving mid week in New York City , we would be housebound or near  24/7 air cooling anyway!

I will give reports to PD UK from time to time on our progress ,I am hopeful all will be better for her.

Thank you for your responce.

Good wishes,





Good luck to your wife and hope everything gets better for the both you


Try to send heatwave over to us!

All the best 


Thank you Gus!



I have noticed as I presently write from New York that  London UK is now at temps of 13C /55F I would be happy to switch weather !