I hope I am not being premature but I am so excited! ~I went to an osteopath this morning as I have terrible trouble walking, bad back and neck pains and hip joint pains.He said my neck and shoulders were very stiff and more importantly that my hips were uneven so my right leg appeared longer than my lcft, He has experience with PWP, pointing out he could not solve it but said my problems were probably making things worse. Anyway the upshot is that I had a very nice massage and several clicks and cracks. I went home, had lunch and decided to see if things had improved. I managed a 20 minute walk not feeling too bad for the first time in ages.I cannot really walk now but I am still thrilled. It will be interesting to see how I am tomorrow, I am going next week again. Anything that helps a bit is worth £30 I am so fed up with the situation. I will keep you all updated
Went into town today withi my partner - first time for months and holding hiss arm for support managed not too badly. Still mot up to window shopping or browsing but a STEP in the right direction.