OT memory test sharing information

My mother was offered a memory test by an OT which my mother agreed to do . The test was carried out and she made a few small mistakes, feeling a little stressed nothing out of the ordinary. When the test was finished the OT told my mother she should not be driving and she would be sharing the test information with my mothers consultant GP and parkinsons nurse etc. Prior to the test, the OT never said that the results of the test were going to be shared amongst the other healthcare team and never mentioned anything about the test being related to driving abilities.
My mother then received another email from the OT telling my mum she should not drive. We have now contacted her parkinsons nurse who has had clarification from her consultant that based on the consultants neurological assessment that my mother IS fit to drive.
Was the OT allowed to share information about my mother to other memebers of her heathcare team without her permission ?

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