Othello Syndrome

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for letting me join the group. I am a close relative of a PD sufferer but not the main carer. We have/had a very close relationship and ive tried to be as supportive both practically emotionally over the years as possible. Things are progressing after a young onset diagnosis 20 years ago and i have noticed she has brain fog, cogitive decline and memory lapses more recently.
My main problem though is Othello syndrome or to be more specific a possible variation or close cousin. I suspect its poorly documented, un recognised and therefore untreated so your personal experiences would be welcome. Obviously we are not sexual partners so she is not accusing me of an affair but has decided im a horrible person. This is obviously weird, hurtful and confusimg as i spent 40 years in a caring profession but maybe i am! Or maybe she has a delusional jealousy towads me? She is definately taking dopamine agonists but im not sure which one.
Is this possible or likely or am i putting 2 and2 together to make 5? If it is I would be interested o hear your stories. Please be warned it can tear families apart just when they should be pulling together and maybe for some others among you it may be the missing piece of a very distressing jigsaw.

Some information that might help: Othello syndrome in Parkinson's disease: A diagnostic emergency of an underestimated condition - ScienceDirect

Thank you Douglas. Thats very helpful, but does anyone have experience of delusional jealousy directed towards a non romantic/sexual close friend or relative please. It probably doesnt have name.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the dopamine agonists are affecting your friend’s behaviour.