Other OCD behavours

I have a Q
There are other OCD behaviours than the gambling, hypersexuality, shopping that are often mentioned eg excessive hand washing, going up & down stairs exactly x number of times before being able to continue, constant checking of locks etc. I would be interested to know if anybody has developed any such behaviours & feel that they are a result of DA's
Or is it they are not mentioned because they do not bring about such catastrophic
outcomes, although obviously great distress?
Thank you


I wonder if some folks overdo posting on this website? I have no evidence of this, but I feel it cold be happening.


Dear Spam, Are you alluding to me? You may be right. I feel that I post when I have something to ask or when I feel I may have something to give. Or when I want to play a game. But I will note your comment. Thank you for pointing it out

Please forgive me spam I read your post completely wrong.
I believe that excessive internet use (is it a form of punding?) is an OCD behaviour

I often wonder about people who wonder and then decide to post, without any substance, posts that don't really say anything at all. And I wonder if this is the case with wonderers who wonder. I wonder if anyone will read this post and wonder as to its reason for being and wonder why it was ever posted at all, I wonder.

I'm sure Einstein wondered about a thing or 6. Nothing wrong with wondering. However he said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. So if you are making an actual point, put some effort into it. Instead, you are making 1% of a point and asking the reader to fill in the other 99%.

Now I'm wondering, should I bother to hit the post button. Find out after the break...

There are many different facets to OCD.

The areas you mentioned are often associated with a feeling of impending doom if something hasn't been done i.e. ritualistic behaviours to check the door is locked, the gas is off, etc.

I didn't exhibit any of these, quite the opposite in fact.

I could have cared less about anything other than what I was after to the point where I often left my car unlocked, keys in the ignition, engine running while I went into a shop for whatever.

Nobody and nothing else mattered, it was all "I want, I need." And when I got it, nothing but disappointment - the feeling that nothing has changed I'm still unhappy, must be something else I need. When that popped into my head - off I'd go, chasing the next "thing".

Thank you Eck So the OCD behaviours associated with DAs are those involving reward rather than avoidance of doom.? Makes sense
I am glad you have come through it


SPAM FRITTERS AWAY all the goodwill to DA victims in the 'Med Establishment vs the People Affected' thread.

(thanks to Turnip for that one, soz for not seeking your permission first).

any further comments on the less "publicised" OCD behaviours appreciated

Eck, the invoice is in the post.
This might sound ridiculous but I have a compulsion to show off, I know that's hard to believe, but its true. I get a little rush with any internet compliment.
Its not as bad as it was, but it is still there. On the other hand, without the stimulus of requip I would probably never had got round to writing poems, making cartoons and writing micro-stories. Whether they are any good or not I don't know or care, but my life (if not anyone else's) has been richer from it.
It got disorderly at one point, but now its an orderly obsession.
I would miss it as some Tourette's people would miss their tick.
Social interaction also gives a little buzz,I would guess that most of us hyper-regulars could be described as obsessives, and we are all guilty of the occasional 'unnecessary' post. But in any population there is bound to be a bell-curve and somebody has to be the outlier.

this is a forum for people with pd, and if one of the effects of treatment is posting then that hosting that posting is one of the functions of the forum.


As it happens changes in artistic output are quite common amongst DA/OCD patients.

I have read that one of a Professor's patients, who got into compulsive shopping and internet pornography, was also an artist in his spare time, and whilst on DAs his output became "much more messy and aggressive". The Professor described "bizarre changes in artistic production such as painting and poetry" as being quite common amongst this group. Those words come from a document the Professor provided for a court case.

Radz x

turnip - the last sentence of your last post on this thread should be the forum's slogan. Thank you

I love this thread; made my day! Well done to all those with a sense of humour! Humour is my OCD these days and it winds my wife up a treat! Must control myself. Or why bother? For what it's worth I self medicated my pain problems for years on Alcohol and thus am alcoholic as well; not had a drink now for nearly 6 years and glad to say I do not miss it at all. Anyway, on with the day.....:wink:

Well done re the Alcohol Wargame.....I think having a sense of humour is essential.

Radz x


By Eck - as we say oop North! - you certainly stirred the puddin!

As a survivor of the Ancient Days of letterpress printing where the p's should never be the q's  and all printed material had to be proof read at least once, what is now known as OCD was the norm - or known then as being precise and avoiding mistakes. Nowadays I upset my wife by being too precise about everyday tasks such as slicing tomatoes evenly or making my bed without a wrinkle, all petty stuff. I now wonder whether my OCD behaviour is just an extension of my upbringing in the trade or the Sinimet.