Our story...so far

My wife is 58 (today) she lost her sense of smell 18 years ago.3 years ago she was experiancing some bladder control problems and having also night terrors (lashing out and shouting). Early in 2013 she was having trouble writing and her speech was not right and she was slurring her words,some people thought she was drunk ! After investigations by our GP we were sent to see a Neurologist in the october 2013 and he said it was probably Parkinsons (having done some research myself it was what i had thought although i never mentioned to her)

She started on 62.5mg of sinemet in November 3x a day then 125mg in February 3x a day,My wife has also had lots of water infections 5 in the last 12 months,the last one lasting 4 weeks taking 5 different antibiotics..... the last one worked.She is now under investigation with a Urologist.

Her symtons are involuntory tongue movement,unsteady on her feet,dizzyness,fatigue,slurring her words,dexterity in her right hand.She suffered a lot with her emotions and was advised by a parkinsons nurse to see our GP about anti depressants,and they have worked.

We are now in the process of changing consultants for one reason or another,and just started her PIP claim,she is off work at the moment and if things dont improve she wont go back.I have taken redundancy from work to look after her.......and thats our story so far




Welcome to the forum Billywhizz. Others will be by to say hello. I hope you find the support you need here. 



Hello Billwhizz

Sorry your OH has been suffering so much with the dreaded PD. There are always a lot of things that happen before proper diagnosis of PD, without realising sometimes what it is, and usually it shows for months before hand as you've found out. Hope you wife has been sorted out with the meds that suit her to give her a better quality of life. I was the same age as your wife when I was DX, I'm 62 now and doing ok. Be prepared for a long wait when applying for PIP!!


Regards Sheila

hello billwhizz and welcome to this rather special forum.  I've been absent for a few days and it is always good to meet new people.

I hope you form a good relationship with the new neurologist.  


best wishes



Sometimes i dont realise how strong my wife is she fell today and made a mess of her face,i took her to the local infirmary to get her sorted,shes had steri strips on her nose !! But shes just laughed and joked about it on the phone with my sister.The PIP forms arrived today and we have a parkinsons support worker paying us a visit on Tuesday.It says on the PIP form we could wait 26 weeks for an answer although because of recent news we hope to avoid a face to face.




Hi Billywhizz

It's good that your wife can smile through her difficulties and I wish her well. Glad you got your PIP forms through and yes it takes around 26weeks for an answer, mine took just under the 26 weeks and I did'nt have to face an assessment officer thank goodness. They say that pwp should'nt have to go through the stress of it, so i'll keep my fingers crossed for you wife.

Good luck Sheffy