Can anyone offer advice on over-eating. I am on Sinemet and Pramipexole (Mirapexin) and am desperately trying to lose weight which has steadily increased over the past few years - probably down to my movement being restricted.

I find I eat when I am not hungry and raid the fridge every night before I go to bed. I try and keep stocks low but that isnt very fair on my family.

I am doing fine with the diet at the moment, but just know that the moment will come when I will just eat for England and undo all the hard work.
Just a thought.
My husband came off Requip,a dopamine agonist like Mirapexin, and lost 1 and a half stone in a few weeks.
We then realised that along with his OCD behaviours centring on sex he had been addicted to chocolate.
The need for it vanished when he stopped taking the drug.
Sinemet does not cause a problem.
Other DA takers have reportrted over-eating as an OCD connected with DAs.Worth mentioning it to your Parkinson's nurse?