Over reaction?

I've been having trouble coming to terms with my Dad having Parkinson's. I first realised it was an issue when I noticed his hand shaking. My parents didn't want anyone to know about it, but as I'd spotted it they told me, but didn't tell any of my siblings.

I think that because of my observation they felt they could confide in me. But I've had massive difficulty dealing with it. I feel like my father has changed. He used to be very quick witted, highly successful in his own right, and now in personal asides to me he confesses that he has hallucinations, or that he doesn't know where he is. 

I know that Parkinson's has physical symptoms, that it can progress towards dementia, and that medication could also have a detrimental effect. At times it pulls my parents apart. I'm not sure what I hope to get out of writing it down, other than some sort of affirmation. I wondered how other people have dealt with this, is it normal? Am I overreacting? 


Hello Axmo, you're right to write.

I'm a PwP, not a family member. But I observe how my very mild symptoms affect my o/h from time to time - and I'd say no, you're not over-reacting. At least we PwP have got our symptoms to focus on: our carers and family can feel less in control.

It must be hard, too, being the only one let into the "secret". My o/h and I haven't told anyone either and I'm cautioned by your story to be careful who I place that knowledge on.

Parkinson's is usually slow moving, doesn't always involve dementia, and drugs are mostly a real boon. All positives to latch onto. I'd say your dad needs you now . . . and I hope we on the forum can be the help you need in turn.

More practically - does your dad have a PD nurse? They're a boon, and maybe you can ride along to your dad's next appointment. In my experience they welcome informed and helpful family members.

Best wishes



You're not overreacting. It's really hard to watch someone you love struggle with this disease (even just the mental side of it). I feel your pain and you're not alone. Hope your dad is ok x


       Hello Axmo

             Your concerns about your father are the normal reaction of a loving daughter  and you are right to be concerned,PD is perhaps one of the most cruel of all ailments,but it can be held in check , the drugs available now are excellent and often its a trial and error system until the most effective medicine is found, and it does not necessarily follow that your father will sink into dementia this is not something I pay much  attention to as I just live each day as it comes , I have as much chance of being hit with a large meteorite as developing Dementia,, so no you are not overreacting but you should prepare well, knowledge is a great weapon in the struggles ahead, learn more , fear less.

                        I wish you well , Kindest Regards      Fed

Hey, Fed, enjoying reading your postings, they make me smile.  Thank you.