Hello, I take my co-careldopa four times a day and have my alarm set for 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm.

If I wake early and getting up I take my first tablet earlier, perhaps as early as 7.15, then I might take my others through the day slightly earlier.

My problem is sometimes I will take my tablet earlier say around 3.30pm and when my alarm goes off at 4pm I forget if I have taken the tablet or not.

Should I take another to be on the safe side or just wait for my next around 8pm.

What would happen if you did overdose? I think the best thing is for me to buy a tablet holder then I can see at a glance.

Wishing all Parkinsons sufferers and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

Hi Marge
You have already found the answer to your problem yourself.
Do not risk OD like you say alarms are not the solution

Please buy a weekly pill container and refill every Sunday as you said yourself you won’t have to worry about have you had your meds or not because you will be able to see.
This is a very common problem .
Nothing to do with bad memory .
My wife has to have insulin 4 times a day and you would think you would remember if you have injected yourself .
But not if it’s been you’re routine for years you don’t.
Take care
Tommy :pill::pill:

I also take co-careldopa 4 times daily at exactly the same times as yourself. I use a daily pill container and refill it after taking my last pill at night. I have never overdosed but occasionally forget to take a tablet if I miss my alarm. If time permits, I reset my schedule but have never come to any harm from missing my medication. Best Wishes, Gerrard

Thanks for your replies.

Please read the information leaflet inside the box you get your meds in, that says you should not take a double dose, wait for the next dose time and carry on as normal, ifv in doubt look it up on the Internet also you can look what tablets you can and cannot take at the same time as the one your on, bye.

I use a cd/dvd marker pen & number each pill 1, 2, 3, 4. Alarm every 4 hours. I can see
easily if I’ve taken the 12 o’clock etc.

I often forget so sometimes shift later pills so that there’s still a 4 hr gap. Sometimes have to forego
the last one altogether. Have yet to try taking really early but I’m pretty sure it would be OK.

Cheers, Bill.

Hi margs, I have a pill timer and like you sometimes still get the timing wrong. In fact today I was 45 min late. I just try to adjust The later pill timings, never take 2 together though.

I should wait till the next dose is due, please always read the information leaflet that comes in the box of tablets, do that with All of your tablets, that’s why the pharmacy puts them in the box for you, bye.

Margs I just carry my daily dose with me is a small plastic snack bag with only a days dose. In my case at the start of the day there is 8 pills total in the bag. At 8am after i take my dose now I have 6pills. 12pm if taken there will only be 4 pills left. You can keep track and only have one days amount to work with. Good day to you.