ive been so sick allnight,i took meds at 10,as normal then went to bed,but about 11 i woke again with terrible pains in my back and left eg,i was half a sleep,i trotted off for some painkillers,but i took wrong things,my meds are in a tray,and i just empyted out the ones which i at that momment thought i had not took at 10 and had some more.this is wot happens when im half asleep and do not wake my hubby.i have paid the price,though ,had to contact out of hours dr,he came,by then i was being very sick,he said you can not do anything,being sick is the best thing,it was horrible ,thought i was going to die,the room was spinning around.this morning,is now 8 ive just woke up,and now im 2 hours behind with my normal dose of sinemet,my day is going to be so bad.has anyone else mad this same mistake,or am i the only siily one,lol.
hello ali j
i did the opposite.on sunday night forgot to take my meds and was sick and fainted on monday morning.so you are not the only silly one. take care in future.:rolling_eyes: