I have had PD for a couple of years and initially I lost weight, was delighted, threw out my old clothes and bought a size smaller. However since the beginning of this year I put on 10lbs which means all my clothes are too tight and I have discomfort under my breast bone probably caused by the developing roll of fat around my ribcage. I used to have no problem dieting but now I just can't stop eating and even if I start the day with good intentions seem to forget until I am halfway through my second snickers bar before I realise. Does this sound familiar to others, and can any one offer some sound advice?
I have a huge problem dieting. I REALLY understand and sympathize, but I have no answers.....sorry!
Of course this could be the normal problems that most dieters go through in that the more they cut back, the more they binge.On the other hand one has to be aware that it just may be part of the problem associated with some medication.Could I suggest you contact Ray of Sunshine for his expert opinion.
Ten pounds in weight since the beginning of the year is roughly 150 Calories a day over maintenance of roughly 1900 Calories a day. That is perhaps a large slice of bread butter and jam, not really in the obsessive league on reflection But only you know. Perhaps you are cutting back too much in the morning, so that your blood sugar is out of control.Try having protein with your breakfast not just cereal.
Something like two boiled eggs with Ryvita or slice of bread.
TRYPHENA, was pleased to know there are others like me,and that I am not just a glutton, greedy pig, stuffing food into my mouth whenever I feel like it, I have been unable to say 'NO I DO NOT NEED THIS BISCUIT or whatever, and I never have just one when two or even three will do.....
I also lost weight after a stay in hospital, then end of January until now I have put on a stone and a half. wow. H O W E V E R...... without the build-up, iOdecided to see a hypno-therapist, came well recommended. I don't really believe in thiands sort of thing, or I didn't. I havr visited twice, really not thinking I was the type to just be compliant. Anyway, quick story. I am coping extremly well with just one And A bit sessions. We talked a great deal. then decided to continue the session. I have felt very calm and relaxed this week and can only assume it is the therapy. I have even lost 6 lb in weight and I am NOT dieting, just not stuffing food into my mouth all the time.
I did not think I could be hypnotised but it seems to be working so who cares. I am still trying to synchronise my pill taking, I think it is true all pills do not suit everyone, so we find it difficult to work out what the exact doseage should be. I will just keep on trying byt the H>T> seems to work for me.
Wukk be backk. take care of yourselves. Tryphena.
Hi Lollipop
Since being on Requip I have also not been able to stop overeating. I am not binge eating as such – just eating a bit too much. I keep meaning to diet but then reach for the biscuit tin. Perhaps we should just try and take one day at a time and praise ourselves if we are good and if we eat too much one day then forget about it and start again the next day.
Like everyone I try to eat healthy food, so as I am weak and could easily give in to temptation, I only keep an unopened packet of biscuits I do not like in the house for visitors. if i know someone is coming I will make something.
Yep, this all sounds very, very familiar. I lost a lot of weight three years ago - in fact I was probably too thin. However, since starting on Sinimet it has all gone back on. I'm not fat but I do eat far too much of the wrong thing and simply dont have any willpower. For example - a friend who works in a tea shop brought round some goodies late afternoon. I was cooking supper but just had to have a cheese scone. As a result I couldn't finish my supper. However I have been piggging out on chocolates all evening. My other half is out but I know when he gets home there will be a comment about the chocolates. He is one of thse people who eats three meals a day and never snacks and he never puts on weight. It had never occurred to me that it might be the drugs. Just another problem!!

PS - He's just come home and has brought with him some cake left over from his bowls club tea. Oh dear!!
Thanks for you replies - I have just come in from my book club and gone straight for the bread box even tho I am not hungry. Didn't have time to eat dinner beforehand so have nibbled crisps etc all evening. I do think it is the carbs I go for so will try to cut them out slowly. I can never eat a full meal and always leave something on the plate, a friend says likewise and it is because he cannot concentrate for long enough to enjoy a meal but still snacks all day.
Sounds like your blood sugar is all over the place.Ever thought of a low GL diet,which is for health as well as slow weight loss.You do not give up all carbs,just the naughty ones.
Well,,I've got the same problem, as soon as I start eating that's it!!! I get most of my exercise going back and forth the kitchen, and having no willpower I've found a partial solution! that is not to have too much goodies in the house,but then on a bad day of craving for that special treat, I go to the shop.:laughing:
Hi Ive have a huge appetite - always feeling hungry. About six months ago I had to go on the contraceptive pill to combat some of my hormonal problems and the weight just piled on. It drained some confidence from me and my clothes didn't fit properly.

So I decided enough was enough - it is only me that puts the food into my mouth - no more excuses - I had to cut down. So we don't have any biscuits/chocolate/cake/goodies in the house whatsoever. If I'm hungry I eat carrots or fruit or a yoghurt. I try and do some exercise but my illness has hit hard recently so not as much as I would like.

Slowly but surely I think it is working. No mad weight loss but it was put on over some months so will hopefully be lost the same.
Sheer determination helps!
HI Lollipop your message about overeating sounds just like my daughter she has a wardrobe full of clothes that she cant get into SAD Chris
I am getting concerned about the way I keep nibbling, right through the day. I have always tended to nibble, but I seem to do it more in the last few months, or it may have gradually increased over the last couple of years. I do not do it if I am busy, so some of the problem may be boredom. Before the PD affected my posture about late 2008, I used to do a lot of walking. That was my way of getting rid of stress. Now I eat instead, a slice of bread and butter, a dried apricot, a piece of chocolate, a couple of cherries, a few biscuits and a piece of cheese. Not exactly binge eating, but it is additional to my usual diet and the weight goes on gradually. I am now more than 1 1/2 stone over my weight when I left work.
I do mean not to do it, but I do it. Is this obsessional? I have been on DAs since the end of 2007, about 6 months before I retired. I started on Sinemet in 2009, which enabled me to walk a bit more again, but I tend to buy an ice cream or a bar of chocolate while I am out, which defeats the object. I hide this from my o/h as far as possible, like an alcoholic hiding his/her drinking. I am not sure when the compulsive nibbling got worse - when I retired, or when I started on Sinemet?
Sheer determination helps!!
My take on this is that if your eating habits have changed (constantly hungry) as mine have then it is likely to be a compulsion as a side effect of the medication.
From the point of changing from the patch to Mirapexin slow release my weight has risen by 1.5 stone in 18 months. The introduction of Sinamet has seen no reduction in the constant hunger pangs. I don't mind other people putting on weight but I absolutely hate it when it is me. I have always controlled my food intake after being bullied at school for being on the chubby side!
I have been inspired by the comment on this thread and have once again determined to do something about this. So if as I suspect this is an other OCD then I will/have decided to encourage a new compulsion and that is to stop giving in to the craving and eat more sensibly. I started this week by not eating after 7 pm. my next thing is to swap lunch and dinner round. I know this means not eating the same meal as my other half so I will have to see how that goes.
The advice given regarding cakes biscuits etc is for me the most inspiring and for that I thank this thread. It won't be easy to break the convenience of a biscuit or a piece of cake but I will certainly give it a go.
I am posting this as a mission statement so if I fail, dare I say, I will have egg all over my face. Proteins tend to be best for weight control anyway but better still to increase fruit and veg and reduce carbos in a balanced way!! Wish me luck!
Good luck Bogman :smile:
free chocolate for pwp

personally i find only milk chocolate effective as a medicine.
:grin:Turnip, your sense of humour will get you through

All the best

Radz x