Overwhelmed #1

After the usual false alarms, assessments from 2 Health Authorities, I was finally diagnosed mid 2013. I have to say it almost came as a relief as I was doubting my mind and body - both of which seemed in freefall.  

i keep trying to express mysf but the words jumble up - the space aboe has been filled a dpzen times with false sytarts as I try to say something of myself but i feel as thought I'm grumbling when so many people f]have greater problems borne with more grace and humour

i'm sorry to maunder on 














Hello, Melee!

Please don't apologise for expressing your thoughts, your emotions, your ideas.  That's what we all do on this forum.  It helps us release inner tension as well as get and give support.  And the fact that many people are in worse situations than yours doesn't make your illness any less significant or any easier to deal with.

Are you taking any medications yet?  Some are available that slow the progress of PD.  It is a slow-moving disease anyway, but we who have it want to slow it to a stop!  Meanwhile, we can exercise, think positive thoughts, and live a day at a time without worrying too much about the future.

I wish you the best!



I was exactly the same today, thinking shall i post or shall i leave it and not bother.

I'm glad i did, because I feel I might make some good friends...everyone's stories and symptoms are so different to mine, its been touching to read all of them, well all the one's i have read so far.

Coming to terms with having PD at the age of 26 was so difficult for me, and I've yet to attend a support group, mainly due to being scared, if i'm totally honest, although i'm not 100% sure why i'd be scared, I dont like walking into a crowded room/place on my own.

Good luck 

Tracey x