Ozzie in Oregon

Hi all! Just found this place thanks to J of Grey Cottage, with whom I have connected on another forum.

After having progressively worse symptoms in 2012 I was diagnosed in Dec/Jan while I was over in Australia for 4 months. The neurologist there put me on Sifrol ER, due to the fact that I am 56. It worked a treat immediately and gave me my life back!

I am now back in Oregon and currently trying to stay on the lowest dose that keeps me comfortable while making my medication last, before I sort out my health care options here.

This looks like a great forum with lots of good info. Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better!
Welcome Sheryll-- glad you are doing well on the meds, long may it last!
HI Sheryll, Welcome to our Forum. Love Blue Angel x
Thanks for the welcome, Mosie and BA. Long may it last indeed!