P diddy and life

hi i find pd is afecting most things these days i've had it 2 years now and im 47 i feel im getting a little worse and need some extra meds to help but u only get to see the doc every 6-7 months and the rest of the time your left to get on with it,my own doc does'nt know much about pd but he is good to me,you get refered to physio 8 months ago but hear nothing because they know that the only thing that helps us pd people are drugs,and as for the old sex life:cry::fearful:has died im still up for it but the other half is fighting her own demons,so as for pd it does alot of damage all round, not just to us but every thing around us and there's very little help for us, its a case of heres another pill now p... off and get on with god help us all. RANT OVER THANKS FOR READING :rolling_eyes:
Hi Kev I totaly agree with you.Angel4u
We all need a rant now and again Kev, feel freee to let rip!!!!