P I P. Could somebody please clarify the situation as regards assessments.Is it true people with Parkinson’s do not require assessment for ongoing pip awards .


Could somebody please clarify wether people with Parkinson’s have to under go reassessment for their pip award


Hi Trucker, yes you are very likely to be re-assessed for your PIP award. The DWD can approach you at any time if you have been given this award, usually if they only give this award for a period of three years, as far as I know.


As far as I know if you get enhanced rate for both component’s you should now only be assessed every 10 yrs I, ve not long been assessed and won, t be called till 2028


10yrs ongoing for pip & 3yrs esa paperwork should be enough


I was awarded the enhanced rate for personal needs and the standard rate the mobility component in January 2019 backdated to Sept 2018. My review is due in Sept 2024, six years from start of my PIP award
As I understand each case is assessed on its merits both for the award itself and for the review date. Therefore each individual case will likely have a different outcome. You therefore can’t compare one person’s award and review date with another’s.
The only good/bad news is that the review may be by video link which will suit some but not others.