P.I.P. Or Disability Living Allowance

In light of the coming election would others like the political parties to commit to changing the benefits for disabled ? We have found it astonishing that Disability Living Allowance or PIP (personal independence plan) cannot be applied for if a person develops a condition post 65. Not only is this age cut off no longer consistent with retirement age but it is ageist and discriminating against ‘elderly’ and disabled. It would seem that if you’re post 65 you have no right to living a mobile independent life. It is the mobility side of disabled living allowance enabling a disabled person to have access to a mobility scheme that is difficult to not have access to when diagnosed post 65. Yes there is a higher rate to attendance allowance but it is not sufficient to access a mobility scheme. The fact of having been diagnosed regardless of age with a serious life disabling condition brings in itself the need to travel and be seen by varied medical practitioners and therapists.

I thought post 65 you can apply for attendance allowance? I know my Mum had that and she was diagnosed at 82!