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I am new to the forum. So a very big hello to you all I have been feeling out of sorts for a year. I went to see my GP with right hand tremors I had also been suffering with cramps in my feet legs and back he told me to book in for blood test but no appointment for a month a friend told me to go to hospital. I went the next day but had start having problem with legs walking and not being able to move off the stop my legs just would not move. The lady who took my blood told me to go to AE they saw me straight away I had a scan and resulted of blood I had three problems in my brain but nothing else. I was referred for a MRI which show nothing. I was then referred to a Parkinson consultant who examined me and told me I did not have Parkinson or essential tremors so referred me to a Professor in London appointment April 2017 to a movement clinic. I feel so unwell cannot sleep I sweat so bad I am wet through and feel very fatigued. I have manage to see a consultant on Monday through Benenden I found the consultant to be very blank no emotion I did not get to speak he told me Parkinson could not be rule out and I need blood test for Cooper and other things and a DAT scan and to go back in four week. On my way out my body froze and I could not move off the spot the consultant got very cross and told me stop panicking and count to 3 and move but just couldn't I felt so upset a nurse came to my aid and told me not to worry and gave me a hug. I worked as a nurse at Benenden and I would never have treated a patient in that way. I need the test but once done I will never see that consultant again. I need to be able to have a rapor with the consultant. Has anyone had the same problem. I don't know where I will go next.

trough another forum I have heard of copper problems. Apparently the liver can not cope. That guy has been going trough a proper metal detox program and is now still under the care of a toxicologist and still goes nowhere near a PD neuro. Dat scans apparently are are conclusive. Sorry to hear you are having a rude specialist. That is really no way of dealing with it. Hope you get answers soon and are on medication to help you along. In the meantime try some Meditation, mindfulness, tai chi, yoga, anything to help you relax a bit as stress only make symptoms worse, sadly.

Miss Swiss thank you your reply. I am going to keep up beat and see what happens with my tests. I am so lucky to have the most amazing Husband and family I have a good life I count my blessing. I live in the country side with four dogs and cat. I push my self did a few jobs but my legs gave out and I fell asleep.


I too freeze all the time, it drives me bonkers and just trying to move about  is sooo exhausting.

Hope you get answers soon as to what is causing it.

Best wishes


Hi Sups, thank you for your reply. I am just going with my if have to have sleep then I have one. I try and keep going I do a job and sit down. I don't go out much as I get out of breath. At the hospital the nurse said my blood pressure was high and my heart rate was to high. PJ