Hi Im 42 and still having my period ,but because I have PD the symptoms of P M T lasts for about over 2 weeks , so all in all I only have 1 week of normallity . I take ropinorole slow release 18mg and 1mg rasagiline. Ive just had mini pill today ,but thought of asking on forum if any body out there is also suffering and did the pill make it better .

Any suggestions or experience woul be happy to hear from you
Hello Ponco,

As you haven't had any replies I thought I would just add my thoughts although I have not got pd my husband has. I remember I had pmt and a very varied cycle during my 40's so much so I had a hysterectomy at 50 so all I am saying is that it may not be to do with pd, but I do hope that you get some other replies from pwp's.
best of luck anyway
Hi Ponco,

I've often thought/experienced that PD has had an affect on my pmt, it has been a bit sporadic and i'm 49 and possibly at the start of the change? But i've definately felt worse and a bit wobbly a week to ten days before and for the first few menstural days.......not much fun is it?

Hi Ponco,

Quoting from the Daily Telegraph Guuide to Treatments, Therapies & Controlling Symptoms which I thoroughly recommend (ISBN 1-84119-914-1):

Motor Fluctuations and menstruation
In some women, motor fluctuations may be up to 50 per cent worse for a few days before and during menstrual periods. This worseningt has been improved remarkably with acetazolamide, taken just bnefore and during menstruation.

It doesn't work for everyone but worth a go.
Thankyou for all suggestions xxx Will have a look into acetazolamide , sounds promising xxxx Ponco

I wrote on this subject back in Jan 2009 - its under treatments titled PMT help - a search will find it. There is a lot of information on the subject.

I am still suffering - I went on the mini pill to control my hormones which worked to a point but now I appear to have started the change so everything has gone out the window - all I can suggest is that you keep a diary to try and find a pattern in your cycle and then see what your doc says.

Mine said "dont know what to do" - at least he was honest! lol

Good luck - hope matters sort themselves out.