A letter from the Parkinson`s nurse to our GP said I assist with all PADL and DADL for my OH.
Can anyone tell me what this means.
I could phone the nurse but she is very busy dealing with our area at the same time covering for an absent nurse in the neighbouring area.
We haven`t got a doctor appointment for some time and I don`t want to make an appointment just for this.
Thank you very much
Googling these terms gives me:

PADL - Personal Activities of Daily Living
DADL - Domestic Activities of Daily Living (occupational therapy)

Sounds like you are very busy!
Sheryll, many thanks for your prompt reply. I tried Google but I didn`t find any answer there. I do like to know what passes between the nurse and the doctor in case they`ve got the wrong idea. You`re right, I am busy but my OH is a lovely easy man to care for and we are both aware that things could be a lot more difficult.
Thank you again

Can I be in your group please.:question:

I'm a PADL and a DADL.:wink:
As an Occupational Therapist I can confirm PADL & DADL are correctly explained above!!!
Being a healthcare professional helps sometimes, but generally I know too much of what might (and might not) happen in future and that does not help me much on a day to day basis as the OH of someone with PD! It is still horrible. It does help me suggest alterations for his PADLs and DADLs so he remains independent and comfortable though.
'Spose I could add that PADLs are washing dressing and loo-ing. I,e, personal care.
DADLs are all the other domestic daily living stuff - household, shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.
IADLs are our work, driving, recreational activities i.e. key stuff that enable our lives to run and often contribute to our identity.