Pain across the abdomen

For 18 months I have suffered pain across the abdomen which I thought is caused by gallstones. My consultant (for bowel cancer from 5 years ago)does not believe this to be the case and has suggested it might be parkinsons related.

Anybody have any ideas/advice.

The paid is noticeably worse when I am seated.
I have had similar pain investigated with negative results. I stopped the antcholinergic drug I was on and the pain miraculously disappeared. It returned within 3days of restarting the med again. I believe in my case it is connected with very slow gut movement, check out gastroparesis on line. Good luck

Parkinsons affects both external and internal muscles as my OH found to his cost.

He had pain in the abdomen and groin and the GP diagnosed a hernia. Off to see the consultant who said, no hernia. Some months later, severe pain and no bowel movement for days. A sigmoidoscopy corrected this but it happened again a few months later; result, removal of the sigmoid colon as a loop had formed and twisted on itself causing a complete blockage. Thankfully they joined up the two ends and a colostomy was not needed though it was a possibility that we had been prepared for, even to the extent of marking an appropriate place for the stoma on his stomach.

He now takes Movicol at least 3 times a day to hopefully prevent a recurrence. Even so we had a 999 moment in January, advised when I rang the surgery, as it seemed the same problem had recurred

I am not posting this to scaremonger but to indicate how important it is to ensure that you keep your bowels fully functional. Even when you think that you have 'been' it might not be enough and the build up is very gradual but we have found that it takes days to resolve once it gets to that stage.
Thankyou Benji
What you write is very helpful and timely for me.
could it be constipation- very common in pd?
Hikoi, no problem, glad to maybe have been of some help.

Do get yourself sorted before it becomes a major problem.

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