pain & brusing in thigh

Hello forum, this is my first post here, thank you for having me.
My father has Parkinson’s, diagnoses 10 years now, he is now 86. There’s definitely been a deterioration in his symptoms over the last few months - freezing, falls, much less mobile. my mother looks after him full time.
For about a week now he’s been complaining of pain in one upper leg, keeping him awake at night. The GP came to visit and ruled out a blood clot, suggested muscular origin. The following day he came to our clinic to see one of our chiropractors - he suspected vascular. My father is already on a wait list for a vascular referral due to swelling in lower legs and feet since the summer. Yesterday my mother found brusing in the same area as the pain in the thigh. I am still concerned that it’s a clot. I suggested my mother call 111 last night but she wanted to wait until today. My father is also type 2 diabetic. Any ideas? Parkinson’s related? Should we panic?

Hi Wendywood,

Sorry to hear that your dad’s condition is getting worse. You were right to suggest your mum call NHS 111 for medical advice as soon as possible:
If you need more advice or support you can also give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and they will be glad to chat about any concerns you may have.

Hope this helps.

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