Pain Depression and Duloxetine

I suffer from abdominal pain and was diagnosed with inguinal left sided hernia.

A repair was done but the pain remains

My pain specialist prescribed Gabapentin and I took this in increased dosage over 6 months.

It had peculiar side effects with little effect on the pain.

I read, I think it was on the M Fox website, that Duloxetine was being researched as being beneficial to people with Parkinson's it also had pain relief properties.

My pain specialist prescribed this and within 3 weeks the pain subsided, my mood was lifted ( Duloxetine is mainly prescribed for depression) and was generally more active.

Anyone else tried this or any other comments for or against?






im on amitriptyline for pain and helps with my sleep these tablets are used as a anti depression aswell really good tho not for everyone can have bad side effects ,work for me my wife says i have iron stomach on 32 tablets aday. also had dbs surgery worked really well. always have a good talk with gp tho