I regret starting this post with a crying smilie as I do try to be cheerful if at all possible, but after another kicking I am feeling a bit shell shocked, my optimism has lost its opt and I feel the shadow of pess, as in pessimism ,creeping
up on my damaged self esteem, I have been seen in Army surplus ware houses purchasing the latest protective headgear Kevlar body armour,and have thought of purchasing a slightly used Humvee ,I am sure Beloved will soon get used to it ,the
Yaris would probably fit inside, and I would have no need to worry about her when off shopping, yes folks, I am becoming Paranoid , I am beginning to think I have
been chosen, hand picked from the Human Race to be tested to destruction rather in the fashion of the crash test dummies used in the Auto Industries,Yes Yes I know I am being irrational but when I look back over the last eight weeks its
hardly suprising is it. Anyway I am Digressing way off track, what I meant to tell
you all, my friends, is there seems to be a link between severe pain and the most
violent Dyskinesia. When I was selected for my latest and most painful brand of
self inflicted torture the two Paramedics plus two other beefy neighbors could
not hold me still to enable the administration of morphine and or gas and air the
reason,, massively increased Dyskinesia,these highly professional guys had to wait until my animated gyrations slowed a little allowing the syringe containing
enough Morphine to drop two Water Buffaloes to be Thunked into my arm, rather
a descriptive word "Thunked" but that was the sound it made as these excellent
young medics franticly tried to prevent me from injuring myself, they succeeded
as the lovely warm relaxing ANTI BUFFALO JUICE flooded through my veins they could
have hacksawed me into quarters and I would have felt nowt. I remembered nothing
more until regaining consciousness in Emergency Ward Parky, I remember projectile
vomiting more pain more gyrations, someone very strong inserting a stent into
the back of my hand and receiving a sound left hand to his shoulder making him
grunt, "SORRY MATE" , Then that lovely floating sensation again as the Buffalo Juice did its work and oblivion returned. When I next awoke the terrible pain
had gone ,I was on a drip , I was calm, but I had hurt my neck ,caused by the most
violent of Dysky attacks, so there you have it my friends has anyone experienced
anything similar , It seems to me a definite link there.
I am feeling much much weller now as you can probably tell(a bit silliness creeping in), but I seriously do not want to endure anything like it again, and
I also wish a very very large supertanker load of wishes that none of you, my friends have to either. Kindest Regards Fed
So sorry fed, utterly inadequate but don't know what else to say. Wishing you well.
Hi Fed

Glad you are on the mend, please don't be disheartened sadly the downside of any other medical condition alongside PD makes both difficult.

My hubbie is also insulin dependant diabetic and the two definitely do not go together he also has been admitted to hospital twice in the last two years for emergency surgery but got through it , i am sure at the moment you must feel low but hang in there you will feel better soon.

Plan your trip that will give you a goal.

Take Care xxxx