Pain in feet

This past week I have noticed that my left foot where the toes join, has started to give me pain. It feels like I have broken three toes and I have a stone in my shoe. The toes aren't broken and there is no stone. Today we went for a walk, I tried a different pair of shoes, and the other foot started to ache, it felt like the skin between my toes was sore. But there's nothing there. Is this anything to do with PD. or the shoes. Is anyone else having the same problem.
I'm having strange trouble with my toes too. Had it before I was diagnosed but recently diagnosed so guess it is a symptom. It's difficult to describe - it varies, but mostly I feel like my toes are rubbing together, or as if one is overlapping the next, or just generally very uncomfortable and I feel I have to massage them. The chiropodist can't find any problem!
This sounds like the beginnings of dystonia. Mine started with pain at the base of the toes, then gradually the joints began to stick up, a sort of permanent cramp. I can match your non-existant stone in the shoe with the feeling that a short stubby pencil was wedged across the shoe under the ball of my foot. On this site it seems to be quite common, but some neuros have never heard of it.
Hello Sue and Mosie, thank you for replying. From what you are saying, it is not the symptoms I have. I believe it may be my shoes, I will try other shoes and if it persists I will see the doctor.