Pain in Hands

I am suffering from alot of pain in my hands at various times of the day. Does anybody else suffer in this way and any advice on how to improve the situation will be gratefully received.
hi jem ,i have pain in me joints ,wrists knuckles etc,i thought using the laptop would make me worse but the dr told me the more u use the better,i have quaterson injections in the joints,may be a visit to gp would help ,and give u an idea wot ur problem is,good luck ,ali.xx:smile:
hi guys, i experience chronic pain in my shoulder joint; it feels like someone is stabbing me in the back and at night i take medication because only then does it stop. I originally thought it was because i already have very weak shoulders but who knows? Im thinking of getting shots but how long will i be able to take those for. During the day you can even see the muscles pulling in my left arm. Do the quartazone shots help?
hi ,i used to run marathons and crosscountry ,before i stopped in 2003,i went to gp complaining of pain in me shoulder joints and he told me it needed quaterzone injetions every 3 months,these did help me ,about 2 to 3 weeks before due again pain was coming 2004 i saw a different dr and he said i needed to see a neuro,so i did ,he told me i had pd,wot a shock that was,so i had 2nd opion and again , inow dont no if this was pd or frozen shoulder wot the first gp was telling me.ur guess is good as mine.:smile:
I too have been getting pain in my hands, one night (after a fun evening out)I couldn't grip nor release my hand brake with my left hand. Its a worry how different pains and ailments are sent to try us pd'ers. Im only 6 months diagnosed and the body is playing these tricks on me that I have never experienced before. I dont like It. Sorry not much help, but your not alone.
Keep smiling Pders.............:grin:
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I quite often lose the use of one or both arms. It starts with a powerful internal "pins and needles" in the muscles of the upper arms, working down to the lower arms and through to the fingers. The whole process takes about 20-25 minutes, at the end of which there isn't enough strength or manipulative ability to raise the arms, pick up a spoon or lift a cup.

Once in this state I could stay that way all day, or it might wear off after maybe 30 mins, an hour, a few hours - I never know. Sometimes it starts to wane ("Thank God!" I think), but then surges back again ("Fooled you!" says some inner demon somewhere).

Over the years I've changed my meds several times, but this particular problem has always remained.
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strange posting, reggie....
Reggie, I have definitely got pd, otherwise I would not have been prescribed requipxl which almost ruined my life. See my compulsive behaviour post. I used to be a typist and type 65 words per minute. Now when my hands are weak and ache I'm lucky if I can do five words a minute
Think on it cosmic, my friend, strange to you maybe, but a good friend of mine on here, has put me in the picture, straight from the horses mouth, not your fault, youv'e not been clued in.

Reggie, that good friend of yours may not be telling the truth
I've been through periods of paranoia too, it's quite unsettling.
Hi Kiddos,
Don't let us be drawn into dissension again! Debate, yes, squabble, NO!
(You can tell I'm a grey -balding Granpappy, can't you?)

Love y'all! :wink:
Hi all,

I used to suffer severe pain in my shoulders but when I was
prescribed mirapexin the pain disappeared, neurologist said pain
in shoulders very common in people with PD.

Hi Jem
You arent alone with your aches and pains. My husband has daily problems with pain in his hand, fingers, wrist, forearm and shoulder. Mainly on the right but also starting on the left now aswell. I strongly recommend you get your husband or one of the children to do some massage movements for you on a daily basis (just 5 mins can make all the difference). I posted a simple hand and arm massage thread under Health a couple of months ago (I think!). If you search you should be able to find it. Otherwise, Im sure if you could find someone qualified in massage they would be able to spend half an hour teaching one of your family these movements. I certainly would if someone asked me under the circumstances.
Enjoy you holiday, hope you are still going. My brother is moving to Salcombe today. Lovely area
Take care
Carrot x
I've been really struggling with pain in shoulders, arms and hands -joints and muscles the good side (HA!) and the bad.

I have found massage really helps ease the pain just 5 mins a day has really helped, Im am thinking of trying a steroid injection into joints.
Also a warm bath with dead sea salts has helped me relax the arms which in turn helps relax joints etc

I have been told accupuncture can help...

You could ask your dr about NSAID- I have tried them but they really upset my system

Also have you thoiught about diet......thats my next step!!

I know we are all different but hope this helps
Hi April, Your a newbie too!
massage - When do you find time for that. I work full time run a family full time not forgetting the domestic home running of full time too!
Ok your right I've asked my Family for massage vouchers for my 50th B'Day hope i can relax enough to reap the benefit.
Diet Do it! I have!
It is more weight loss by healthy eating. Refusing all the naughties ie cakes biscuits chocs etc. etc PMA (positive mental attitude) gets me through, i committed myself to a focused PMA zone on 30th May target one stone lost by my 50th B'day In eight weeks i did it! Through thick and thin even Pd pains i did it - I downed a clothes size into the bargain almost feel a new women until pd pain taps you on the shoulder. I have joined a gym too as a B'day gift to myself i now blitz a gym regime twice a week time for me that nobody can distract me from and i work my socks off and feel oh so good after Buzzing and dripping with sweat calories burned. Ive now lost anther 4lb locking onto aother half stone target now keep the PMA going just do it.
Good luck
keep :grin: pders.......