Pain in hip joint

It's not there all the time but a few times a day ,especially if I've been walking

anyone else have this problem????

Yep. Makes you want to give up on exercise



Hi gcy

Yep, I have had hip pain and still get it but not so often. Was told by the GP it was bursititus, an inflammation of the bursary gland that are found in your hips joints and shoulder joints etc.,Had physio on this and they used a machine similar to a tenns machine. It worked to a certain extent, the other option is a steriod injection if it gets too painful.



hi gcp  had this problem on and off for six month three month before being diagnosed.  it started for me when  i got out of the car and put some weight on it and it gave way on me. Then when I am on my feet alot it gives me some jip. If this is anything to do with parkinsons I am not sure.

Hi gcy

I often suffer from hip pain when walking and sometimes if I lie on my side in bed. On one occasion it felt like something in my hip snapped as I was climbing the stairs. I looked on the internet and found that this kind of thing can be brought on by walking with an abnormal gait. There's nothing more abnormal than the Parkinson's shuffle!




Hi gcy......yep i'm another hip pain sufferer!mr greenmine was originally from 3 fractures to the pelvis 20 years ago after being hit by a taxi abroad. Since then i've had an epidural, steroid injections, lots of physio and have worn a TENS machine regularly over the last 15 years. It does take the edge off plus strong painkillers when needed. I think i get more pains since having Parky! especially in th neck and shoulders, steroid jabs didn't help that but i had an MUA which made a big difference to my mobility. You feel so many symptoms with PD and meds also and it is difficult to decipher what is causing whateye roll

best wishes 


Yes i have pain in my hips and back when walking , but recentley my physio sent me off to orthotics who gave me a splint to wear on my foot when i am walking and i have to say it has really helped me  i still get tired when i am walking but no whwere near as much pain in my hips as i get when i am not wearing the splint , i was walking with a abnormal gait due to a few issues and my foot dragging when i was walking but the splint really helped and my physio was really amazed about how much improved my walking was with the splint .

I have an almost permanent ache in my left hip, will be interesting to see if anything changes when I start my meds


Thank you all

as someone already said there are so many different symptoms it's hard to tell if it's Parky or just getting older

Hi All 

I am having similar problems with my shoulder joint, It is really sore and uncomfortable when in certain positions or if I need to move it quickly. I am off to see the GP today (not sure if it is parkinsons related) but causing me problems now driving and sleeping.

Also I am having extreme pain in my right groin area I have started yogo but seeing no improvement as yet.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


Haven't been on here for nearly a year now! Decided to have a look and see what's going on.........I too have had both terrible shoulder/arm problems and hip/groin problems........but I have no idea if they are/were Parkinson's related as I was suffering long before I was diagnosed.

I just wanted to say to Shefinn that the steroid injection I had in the top of my leg was nowhere near as painful as I was expecting and it did the trick, so if they suggest that, go for it! The physio did absolutely no ggod at all - in fact made me worse because I used to go into agonising cramp!


Hi All.......I too started with groin pain ,like broken glass a few years ago plus a frozen shoulder which cleared up after steroid injections on 3 occassions.....brilliant it helped so much. That was the left shoulder but when the right shoulder became extremely painful and started to seize up i tried injections again but this time it didn't touch it. As the months went on it became agony and i could'nt lift it, this time it felt different to the previous frozen shoulder and eventually i had an MUA (manipulation under anaesthetic) which sorted it!!!! but i had to do lots of exercises immediately afterwards with the help of strong pain killers....that was 2009, i religiously do my stretches every morning in the shower as i don't ever want to feel like that again. It turned out that that was all part of the Parkinsons though i didn't realise then and wasn't diagnised until Feb 2013...4 years later!!! despite many other symptoms.

Warm wishes 


I have been wearing normal sandals for over 5 years now. Orthofeet shoes work great for my feet issues. I have tried other sandals, but I always come back to the orthotic shoes. They might not be the best looking ones, but for sure the most comfortable.

hi all, i also have pain in left hip/leg ,a sharp pain in hip just left of groin that stops me walking, started with just the pain feels like someone just stuck a spear in there stops me dead in my tracks, just of late its at times starting to spasm its 12 out of 10 pain once that starts have to get in recliner ready for the next spasm, missus said she can tell its bad when she sees my face go pale. strange thing is i stop taking my meds at 3pm and usually by 7pm when im properly worn off i can walk again and the pain has gone just shakin and battlin to keep the eyes open and slow usual symptoms of parkinsons but no pain and can walk no longer need the crutches ,its like caused by the meds , more meds more dystonia more pain, so im at a loss at the minute cant ,go without em got pain with em. bit about me ,history like new to this so sorry about the grammar/ spelling.
im male 48 years of age diagnosed about 13 years back 2007 i think, been on stelevo, madipar, sinimet, high doses at times but the meds bont seem to agree with me high dose of stelevo causing pains in head scary so weened of that, now days just take kinson 100/25 5x a day 2hr intervals any more gives me to much uncontrolled movement so getting by on little as possible also 1x 15 mg mirtazapine 1/2 hr b4 bed. so im not new to this damn disease ,read somewhere about a bursary gland in groin area not sure .any one else had any experience with pain like this and found a fix ,like to hear about it.
and a big hoora to all the carers out there, you do a great job ! and most of us with parkinsons understand how hard it can be for you all thankyou!. i at times feel sorry for my partner this disease has made her life hard as well .

6 months ago I refused to take stalevo any more,I forgot to take it one day and I could walk again,I was confined to a wheelchair for 4 years , it’s now locked away till I need it.
I caused great medical discussions with GP ,consultant ,they’d never heard of it, now I’m striding about like a young fella,I’m 72 diagnosed 2012

hi there gcy, good to hear you got out of that wheel chair, yeah my pain started out like yours i was going for a walk once a day but its put a stop to that, exercise they say, becomes a but hard when it feels like something is trying to tear your leg off, hopefully be able to find a fix and get past it ready for what ever pops up next, like a box of chocolates never know what your gonna get so forrest said.
trying changing med times around a bit seems like it builds up in system about 3rd pill then pain starts followed at times by spasms which knock me for a 6, they say after so many years meds start to play up ,give trouble like dystonia ,dyskenisia ect,
meds still working good on the tremor side of it ,except when i ware off that is. you have to be so careful with what you take ,meds can cause their own set of probs at times worse than the symptoms of the disease itself. thanks for your reply