Pain in leg and groin?

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms?  My mum has a pulling/ stretching pain in the upper leg towards the groin.  This is also affecting mobility.  Please ,let me know.  Mum taking paracetomol x4 times a day (two tablets) and now about to take Ibupforen too to alleviate the pain

Thanks for your help.

Hello Londoner . I get the same pain in my right leg and groin area . It hurts mainly when I drive . It's my right side that's affected . I take ibuprofen and paracetamol . You can take these together if need be . My consultant said although ok to take cocodamol avoid this as the codeine can cause constipation . I am also having hydrotherapy at the moment for this to strengthen muscle . My vit d levels were low which pd nurse said could cause pain too . Hope this helps . 

Thank you.  That really helps.  We were putting those symptoms down to other things and didn't realise it was Parkinsons.  I think I should do more reading on this.  Really helpful on the Cocodamol point.  My mum had been given this to take too.  It feels like a minefield of medication!

Hi Londoner, 

                        I get exactly the same pains as described . They occurred first about 5 years ago long before I was diagnosed with PD. No painkillers keep them at bay for long it seems . I had a course of tramadol for an unrelated pain however and they actually eased the hip and groin pains too. Unfortunately,my GPS has decided that tramadol is no good and refuses to give me anymore. Does anyone else take tramadol regularly?

.           Cossy

Hi there. I was diagnosed in 2012 and have had a variety of symptoms some certainly PD related, some possibly, some probably not. In the last week I have had excruciating pain in my tight groin area such that going up and downstairs is very painful, as is walking any distance. Anyone else experiencing this. Is it PD related or not?
Poem below

[You can’t just put everything down to PD.
You can’t just put everything down to PD But if it’s not Parkinson’s, what could it be? The silence is deafening. “Don’t ask me!” You can’t just put everything down to PD. You can’t just put everything down to PD. The best thing to do is to call your GP. And she’ll “look you over”? She may not agree That you can’t just put everything down to PD. You can’t just put everything down to PD. So then when you ask her, the answer will be “It’s a complex condition. Please take it from me That your symptoms are possibly caused by PD.” I’d rather not think that it’s always PD It doesn’t define or delineate me It stretches my limits. Yes, that I can see But I don’t just put everything down to PD. I won’t just put everything down to PD. I’ll recognise pain is quite likely to be A symptom of nothing to do with PD. I’ll try to accept it. So what can it be? My body betrays me. Can’t everyone see? My gait is abnormal. It’s hard to feel free When I’m dragging my leg which is hurting my knee. There’s really no way to deny my PD.
So what is THIS symptom if not my PD? Just a shrug and a grin when I ask my GP. Affecting so much of my body, you see. I know it’s connected. I know it’s PD.)
But so what? Nobody seems able to do anything to help!!

Hi Dawn.

I am also 62 and was diagnosed in March 2011.

What do you take for your leg/ groin pain? I have it too where it feels like my knickers are painfully cutting into my groin. I also get stabbing pains in my thigh.

I was on Requip which managed the pain but the side effects meant I could no longer take them. I am now on Madopar which controls the tremor but doesn’t touch the pain.



hi, im getting pain in the same area ,pain meds don,t help it ,stabbing pain in hip groin area travels down leg, goes away when meds ware off.